Why sage's face tattoo???

Most tattoos sit too far away from your face.
This is not true of sage's face tattoos.

Because most tattoos are flat.

sage's face tattoos are an attachment and can fit along your face.

It is wonderful!!
It is perfect!!


From here I will talk about editing Sage’s face tattoo.
First of all, Sage’s face tattoo is an attachment.

To attach the face tattoo, right-click the object in your Inventory and choose Wear.

Once attached, you can right-click the object and choose Edit to change the position of the tattoo.

The XYZ Axis is seen. You can move the tattoo by using the positioning arrows or rotate it by holding down Ctrl.

When you have attached Sage’s face tattoo and it is buried in your face like this, IT IS SERIOUS!
But it is OK.
There is no cause for panic.

Right-click the tattoo and select Edit.

Adjust your view and drag the tattoo beside your face.

You can move the attachment by dragging its XYZ axes, or rotate it by holding down Ctrl.
It seems that it floats still a little.
Change the viewing angle many times and match it closely to your face.

Tattoo enters the face and it is not possible to take it out!!

Don’t worry.

Detach the tattoo.

Find the tattoo in your inventory.

Right click it and select Edit>, then Detach Object>

Click sage's face tattoo.

It was detached from your avatar.

Attach it to a different place.

The tattoo is worn on another part of your face.

For example.

Attach the tattoo on the mouth.

Hahaha :-)

It was put on the mouse.

Then, right-click the attachment and choose Edit

Move the tattoo away from the face a little bit.

Please detach the tattoo once, and reattach it on the nose.

Bring it close to the face carefully this time.
Don't enter the face. hahaha :-)

It's finished.